Our Purpose

To grow generosity and faithful giving in the global church through free online resources, so that God’s purposes are funded and fulfilled.

Does your church dream of:

Amplifying its impact on your community and beyond?

Building a culture of joyful giving among your congregation?

Ensuring financial stability to fulfill your mission?

ChurchGiving.org is your guide to achieving these goals and more. We’re a community of faithful individuals, committed to unlocking the transformative power of church giving.

For Church Leaders:

  • Proven Strategies: Discover practical tips and actionable resources to grow your church giving, from cultivating donor relationships to implementing effective campaigns.
  • Faithful Stewardship: Navigate the sensitive topic of finances with grace and clarity, drawing wisdom from scripture and expert insights.
  • Financial Insights: Gain valuable data and trends to make informed decisions about your church’s budget and outreach programs.

For Congregants:

  • Inspiring Stories: Be moved by real-life testimonies of how tithes and offerings have made a difference, igniting your own giving journey.
  • Biblical Understanding: Deepen your knowledge of scriptural principles of generosity, uncovering the joy and blessings that come with faithful giving.
  • Practical Guidance: Explore various giving methods and strategies, finding the approach that best aligns with your values and financial situation.

Let’s grow church giving together, one act of faith at a time.